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Spondon swingarm

Spondon swingarm

Also have other parts; wheels, frame, Spondon fuel tank, Spondon swingarm, All located in Las Vegas, motivated to sell but serious offers only, please. The swingarm is made out of flimsy metal and as I recall had NYLON bushings that need to be replaced with steel or bronze! Frame is too narrow and has lousy flexy front I have recently acquired a Spondon swing-arm and would greatly appreciate help in identifying the bike for which it was produced. 00 for all 6 carbs Examples are, Harris, Spondon, Seely, Nico Baker, Rob North etc. anyhow heres the sad thing i brought home tho its running fine so bonus. VTR. Thats another 1 checked off the wish list i thought. $19. It came off Gary Masons Motopower Blade (2002 i think), so would be 929 model. This is the frame i have just purchased As Josh correctly stated is a 1982 frame, which was the first year of the Spondon alloy frames, from what I have been told. NBD if that does it for you but I've never really been a fan of the style. “The bike on the right is the Stage 3, making around 170bhp originally, but now nearer 155bhp, with a Moriwaki-modified frame and Race manufacturers, competitors, team creation and management at BSB, Grand Prix and World Superbike. So the need to have these trick parts becomes less and hence it's only the name attached to the part that makes it special.

wheels, Ohlins rear shock, drilled 320mm discs and twin whitepower dampers to stop the tank slappers. I was unaware of a spondon owners club but followed your link and – 2010 Norton NRV588 Road This machine was prototyped in 2006 by Brian Crighton and is directly evolved from the racer he designed for the 1995 season. bob UNIQUE SPONDON KAWASAKI PROJECT with aluminium frame and swingarm, Frontfork and Brakes of Hayabusa, polished stainless steel rims with stainless spokes, Z1000 engine bored to 1135 cc. Motorcycle Road & Racing Chassis As well as fulfilling the Norton contract, Spondon Engineering also designed and built a series of machines for a Far Eastern customer, and while these production runs were being carried out, the one-offs and specials carried on, as they always had. For some reason it doesn't really look lowered in the pic to me. Contact us for further details. should've known better). double core kit radiator. Spondon makes a beautiful one out of pretty aluminum tubing, then you buy the correct hub stuff and brake disc and caliper and axle and cush and wheel and bearings and valve stem and sprocket etc. a long winter ahead. rg500 wheels, upgraded brakes.

Customise your Motorcycle Keys and invite conversations with Random Strangers in Roadside Bars with this Key Fob featuring the Mercenary Ga Elf and Honda may have brought the single-sided swingarm to racing, but British motorcycle customizers made it popular with the ‘90s Street Fighter crowd. So is the single-sided swinger on the CB1000R part of the RC30/VFR branch of the Honda family tree, or a nod to the Spondon and Harris specials of the 1990s? New Swingarm - $1,951. I would not call them expensive. Was looking at Cheez's bike threads again last night (terrible idea. maxton front and rear suspension. Most of the swingarms shown in the list to the right are in stock, all prices are inclusive of VAT. Re: Spondon Swinging Arm Post by agentpineapple » Thu Jul 10, 2014 6:51 pm iirc I bought the frame, swingarm, rearsets, race rear subframe, rear caliper and a few other bits and bobs for £550 delivered. They then converted a limited number of TZ frames to utilise the swingarm, house the RS engine and of course cater to the counter shaft on the RHS. Swingarm spondon in the UK makes a good arm, basically they will convert the stock arm over to a quick change and at the same time, usually also incorporate some kind of upgraded rear brake, brembo etc. carbon dymag wheels. A reduction in weight over the stock frames.

proflex shock. Spondon Single Side Swing Arm with Brembo Brake an . i got 2 14mm id bearings at the local supply house. metmachex swingarm braced swingarm metmachex spondon jmc swing arm dymag streetfighter gsx1100 Hi all. I've finally taken the plunge and bought a Spondon Bandit from Chris in Scotland and rode it back to Spondon. We have also been asked to supply a list of other engines capable of being fitted into this particular frame. but also because the Spondon needs a 180/55-17 to fit in the swingarm, and many race tires are Find great deals on eBay for spondon and harris. gav said they would work out cheeper if he had a few to make at same time. 1989 Yamaha TZ250 Reverse This superb Spondon TZ250 reverse cylinder TZ250 that comes with the original yamaha frame this bike was stripped for work on the Clutch and primary I have all parts and will complete the rebuild, This ex TT machine, it has Kehin carbs and special pipes what a bike for the Manx ect reserved Ken's Blown Max, Taylormade Spondon single sided, chain drive arm, Taylormade monoshock, Taylormade 12. I am open to offers on it, so please mail me for pics if you are interested. Replica Harris Yamaha TZ350 GP Lowline Special Frame Kit: We have delivered a number of these frame kits over the last two years and the customers are very pleased with the product.

With all of the motorcycle labels and genres being slung about these days, a lot of riders both new and old have been left scratching their heads about the differences between streetfighters, cafe racers, trackers, scramblers, and more. From my research, and it has been a painful and rarely fruitful one, Spondon made these swingarms to counter the flex on the single sided units that would force the bike to run wide. They don't need Spondon or anyone to do that as much now with welders and machine shops being quite readily available. Included are photos of John's personal bike collection, along with other projects and photos of the workshop. VFR Swingarm. Spondon. All traceable from that crazy ol magazine called 'performance bike ' . one of only three Spondon machines of this type , sold 2014 Rolling Thunder Manufacturing is the leader in the custom frame building motorcycle after- market. + XR69 SPROCKET COVER GS1000 GS1000S suzuki COOLEY HARRIS SPONDON YOSHIMURA GS. its got the fully braced frame. Brackets and tabs for street equipment may be removed.

) (Michel du Maine) Click here to Return to main Aftermarket Frames page. The Spondon frame is a hunk - nice for supermoto - a bit wide for my use. " After much machine work, he'd grafted the Gixxer 750 wheel, rotor and caliper onto the swingarm. The expensive Spondon aluminum tank looked too tall for the bike so it was put on the shelf and replaced with an R1 tank. When building bikes Jon tries to avoid the obvious brands, so the front forks are enormous and fully-adjustable Marzocchi RAC 50 legs, while the rear shocks are WP Stereo Spin Fusions. 57. Rear sprockets I'm surrounded by young persons, there is an element of "rub off". SPONDON-JOTA BUILD DETAILS. This is a discussion on Post a picture of your "Z" II within the General Z1000/Z750 forums, part of the Kawasaki Z1000, Ninja 1000, Z800, Z750 & Z-750S category; nice concept matthias, well done. #647. This is a discussion on VFR Swingarm within the Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades forums, part of the Kawasaki Z1000, Ninja 1000, Z800, Z750 & Z-750S category; I don't think I can resist.

Find spondon from a vast selection of Motorcycle Parts. Ever since Harley-Davidson introduced the original Dyna in 1991 it has been plagued with stability problems. Spondon one off commissioned with frame by Russell Savoury. A swingarm with preload adjustable Girling shocks was at the back, a 39mm Spondon-designed fork at the front. At the beginning of 1992 Spondon produced a unique somebody recently asked gav at GIA about spondon style katana frame n swingarm. It seems that all of the people that inquire about this swingarm are interested in how big a tire can fit in it. The main disadvantage is the single-sided swingarm The third incarnation of the steel-framed Spondon. Post by pod » Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:05 am whats peoples thinking on this, how much difference would it make? or just a lot of money compered to You mean thatyoure at 28° at 2 bar of boost? Fueling at the moment is a bit lean, 12. etc. He then acquired a freshly built Bandit engine with a Wiseco 1216cc big bore kit and GSX-R1100 cams to fill the frame. BikeBandit.

pfm disc. com offers thousands of 1979 Honda CBX1000 OEM parts to repair or restore your 1979 Honda CBX1000 to original factory condition. I built a spondon in 1988 from the wreck of my fzr1000,still own it,been thru several paint schemes and upgrades over the years. dot head 750 motor and flatslides on going build spondon-ish gsxr 1000 k1 gixxer vigor blue finished mot insured taxed (keeper) Eddie lawson tribute racer,engine has extensive headwork,flowbench,wiseco 1133kit,dynas ignition,33 mikuni smoothbores,custom thinwall exhaust by hindle,dymagfrontwheel,campag back wheel,spondon rotors,lockheed caliprs,brembo rear caliper,works performance rearshocks,custom alum cathchtank,earlscooler,cabfab swingarm,frame braced in usual spots,shimunderbucket,very capable bike has won ZX7R/VFR Single Sided Swingarm Conversion And spondon is no longer "a continual fab company" but does make some one off's if you ask him out of his shop. Subframes may be modified or altered. Supplier. Spondon frame and swingarm, carbon dymag wheels, double core kit radiator, kit cylinders new in 2007 very low miles since then, kit ignition, kit pipes, 2003 on airbox and fairings, 7 position curve map, ohlins damper, maxton front and rear suspension, Brembo m,cylinder, setup for avgas so ultra reliable, maintained by dennise trollpe thoughout 78 Nottingham Road, Spondon, Derby, Uk Motorcycle Frame specialist Spondon Engineering began building components in Spondon, Derbyshire in 1969. Whether you’re looking to build a chopper, a pro-street, a softail, a rigid, an SLX or a drop seat; we have dozens of options allowing you to uniquely customize your bike. 95: TIMS now offers a complete master carb rebuild kit for the cbx-this kit comes with everything you could possibly replace on the carbs,other than float needles and jets--courtesy of old school carbs. Still no idea what NEW SPUTHE POSITRAC STABILIZER . I am totally sure about my age, as for "working out the problem", I asked for advice so that I didn't damage something, that's why the question was posed and that's why I joined this forum as I have only owned a 916 for a short period of time, not to be subjected to a condescending assumption of my age or ability and have Top 5 Kawasaki Z1 and Z1000 customs In the early 1970s, two Japanese superbikes ruled the roost: the Honda CB750 and the Kawasaki Z1.

bike is setup for avgas. Spondon Engineering Ltd, 78 Nottingham Road in Spondon, Phone 01332 662157 with Driving directions a spondon framed yamaha tz500 4a0. Im proberly going to stir up a hornets nest here but ill do it anyway ;). Dymag 600x17. From that point Jitze was on his own to source parts and fabricate the pieces necessary to bring it all together, and in the end he clearly did a top job of giving this HD motor a home to be happy. Ohlins. 2003 on airbox and fairings. hi dave, nice read and great pics of lovely bikes, I to wanted a spondon yet I only managed a swingarm for my zzr1100 c, still after a spondon or martec as I live in spondon and went to see bob and the lads a lot. The splendid gas tank came from Spondon with the frame, as did the rearsets. Bodywork: Was a 1974 H1 Kaw triple. Spondon Braced Swingarm.

one of only three Spondon machines of this type , sold 2014 1982 Yamaha TZ500 G spondon this superb machine just checked over with some new parts after its outing at Varano di Melegari, in Italy, as you can see this is a very nice machine it sounds fantatstic , very crisp, the engine built and bike prepared by Les Cross, for me one of the best. Like sticky tape, motorcycle swingarms come in both single-sided and double-sided versions. Post a picture of your "Z" II. Superbike top yoke from ABM, germany. 1984 suzuki mk1 rg chassis with spondon swingarm. Frames may be polished, painted, or coated. The bike’s chassis is a big-tube Spondon aluminium duplex with a tubular, twin shock swingarm. Frames may be braced and strengthened to period modifications only. THE BUYER'S BOX Spondon Sportster 1440 hayabusa single side 240 300 330 360 we have all kings of single sides good to 500 hp - Duration: 4:00. Comes supplied in mirror polished finish with all fittings required. well ive splashed out a whole £41 and bought the 2003 Z1000 swingarm and linkage off ebay and that includes postage.

Spondon frame with banana swing arm fitted with spondon short shock tz frame swingarm yokes tank as photo. Spondon made TZ frames to suit 125/250/350/500/750 models from 1971 on. A 6 gear geabox has been grafted from a FZ 750 1987. Remember too, that a Spondon chassis carries more than twenty years of racing heritage, so lightness and absoloute rigidity are fundamental features, even with their road bike chassis. has a 1979 750f engine numnber and a spondon modified 750d frame with a spondon swingarm, front wheel, yokes, 39mm magnesium forks, discs and other cycle parts. the quality of the spondon work on it is unreal in the swinger and frame work. I suspect they could put something together for you but from what I've seen of their work they favor the stacked tube design for their swingarms. On the weekend of Oct 19-21, 2007 Steve Shaw came to Barber with his TZ350 to take on our TZ750s in the Open GP 2-Stroke class. SPECIFICATION SHEET FOR 1997 Stage 2 Factory Moriwaki Honda VTR1000 . i can have spacers machined if absolutely necessary but if anyone knows of a swingarm that will fit straight on that would be awesome. you will need an extended brake line, extended chain and depending upon how low u go, rear lowering components.

New (Other) Buell Forum » Buell Motorcycle Classifieds » Buell Parts & Accessories for Sale » Archive through April 20, 2009 » Spondon swingarm $500 « Previous Next » Author: Kawasaki z1/z1000 hybrid racefit custom with Spondon rcd braced swingarmhas 2 sided paint, flip is 'classic' kawasaki scheme- see other pin. The SD swingarm pivots on the back of the engine so anything with a solid pivot isn't going to fit. bottle holder chrome powdercoat polished adjustable racing trac velocity c & s Time 2 flex the plastic in came rearsets ,micron headers, goodridge extra wide oil cooler kit, stage 1 GSXR cams ,n that would do itThen i fancied a underbraced swingarm until Roy at PEST showed me their Spondon style just gotta avit banana arm . o. Hayabusa Custom Built Extended Swingarm stretched lowered dragrace aluminum arm air tank n. The main Custom motorbike builder Nottingham. Modified aprilia swingarm for Yamaha Sniper. i would prefer to do this with as little work/cost as possible. Dymag. [email protected] Also, if it fits other models, i would be happy to know. also, the rd swingarm pivot ont he rd is 16mm, the gt one is 14mm.

Front and rear end are from a 1993 Yamaha 1000 FZR Exup. Rick Botting 1-702-683-3504, rick@total-fuel. nbsp;with very low miles. That was gripperdog with the b12, and i belive its is still going through the courts. GIA Engineering Ltd (pronounced gear) was founded in 2007 by Gavin Goddard (a 20 year Veteran of Spondon Engineering) who were expert builders of Spondon Motorcycle frames. Looks like a Spondon swingarm Hi, i have a spondon adapted swingarm for a 98-02 r1, this is as new, painted black, looks that good it looks plastic coated. Spondon RG500 Gamma race bike . Mercenary Garage Key Fob. parts used. cant remember who it was though. Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones.

Save calfab swingarm to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. When Ill be around 11,8/12 Im going to give more degrees to the ignition Hiya danidge, there are a number of different options using the 94-97 swingarm, you could go with a car wheel using the original hub, all you need to do is buy some longer thicker studs, drill out the stud holes slightly wider to take the new studs & then fit the correct width spacer to make the car wheel line up. I still admire the old artisans from the old Gixxer days , like the UK lads from Spondon , and bikes and people that associated with them such as Steve Burns , who owned and rode many notable builds . I also wonder why the PO mounted the SRP shock the "wrong" way. They do have lots of patterns for arms though, so if i want an arm that fits an 1100 Katana to take a b12 back wheel they will make you one without needing to measure. Spondon Barton Phoenix 750 « previous next It does have seeley style adjusters on the swingarm, so my best guess is a homemade seeley copy. This build took place between about May 2001 and March 2002. In addition, other companies began to show interest in using the Dresda frames for their race bikes. Taylormade Otec chain driven 1428 engine, Taylormade yokes, Taylormade 4. The engine has only done just over 3000 genuine miles The Bike has WP Roma USD Forks in Custom Yokes with Carbon Mudguard. got a GSXR 1100, 1200 Swingarms explained.

Most engines, however, are much bigger than the LC8 which is why none of the other swingarms fit into the SD, they're all too short. HELP US BY BUYING ONE OF OUR NEW TIMS CBX RACING TSHIRTS--ALL PROCEEDS GO TO OUR RACE PROGRAM. Spondon frame with Gull arm Ohlins rear shock and Ohlins road and track forks There's a different seat subframe, bodywork, forks, wheels, swingarm, yokes This is bike I built on a 1987 Yamaha 1000 FZR Genesis base (2LE). Spondon is an established brand making very high quality stuff. It’s got a lot of Spondon in the chassis – frame plates, swingarm, yokes. The 18-inch wheels were spoked Borranis with alloy rims, although cast Campagnolos View all 4. We build one-off custom motorcycle chassis kits for most engines. Digital Numerical Speedo Read-out 1200 – Front engine casings are alloy (silver) 1200 – Polished engine fins 600 is now a 650 engine Both have seats in two halves, front can be adjusted. i took a quick look at the bike today to figure out how "hard" this project will be, iv noticed i dont have much room for the monoshock, i might have to re locate the battary box somewhere else and maybe the airbox as well. Pictured is an early TZ350 model. actually, still is big money plus cost on the wide tire.

The swingarm is manufactured here in Thailand and sells locally for about 7000 Thai Baht or roughly US$225 The bearings, seals, chain adjusters, axle and other odds and ends bring the total up to about US$300 Why don't you ride up with EX650 steel and ride home with KLE650 Versys aluminum? Perfect excuse for a road trip if ever there was one We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. since it has tapered roller bearins in it, there were large spacers at the end that i remade thinner. Period swingarm conversions are Harris Swingarms & Conversions Whether you require swingarm conversions, modifications or a quick release system we have a variety of solutions to match your requirements. 1980 Honda CBX-1000 Restoration September 9, 2015 Another frame-off project, this is the rarest of the rare of all of the subspecies of CBX - it is a 1980 model twin-shock CBX, but this motorcycle was one of approximately 1,400 that were built by Honda in Japan (and not Marysville, Ohio), and it is #49, a relatively low serial number. 5x17 Drag front, 160 60x17 Avon. someone has kindly taken the time to inform me that the red veined marble is likely to have originated from the southwest area, being commonly k. Race Bike Mart - Number one for sale/want adverts for classic race motorcycles, road motorcycles and memorabilia Race Bike Mart - Classic Race Motorcycles By Yamaha TZ Login or Register Find great deals on eBay for jmc swingarm and metmachex swingarm. * Spondon 'Ears'to take wider swingarm and internal frame bracing * Spondon triple box section swing arm with quick release wheel system * Spondon front fairing stays with lockstops * Full factory stage 2 Moriwaki Superbike Engine including modified radiators(x3), undercut racing sump, oil cooler, carbs, ramair, crankcases and clutch. Can send pictures if requested. I would lik mm says check out Spondon though they are the best you can get, steelheart The bike on the left is an ex-Honda Britain bike, that Roger’s son Mark bought and raced as a Stage 2 tuned bike, at about 150bhp. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously.

5x17 Drag wheel, 330 30x17 Avon. New Swingarm For Yamaha Tz250 Tz350 Fg W Shark Fin, Chain Slider, Bolt Hware Spondon Yamaha Tz750 Aluminium Swinging Arm Not Tz 250 350 Superb quality quadruple box section alloy swing-arm with bottom brace. A nice bit of spondon bracing should do the trick instead as well as looking far more exclusive and weighing twice as much First, I have a XBR675 to finish. Well i have me a spondon frame and swingarm im slowly trying to build up into a complete bike, reckon im 20% their. well, looks like 190/60/17 is about as big as you can go :) see the pictures. This is a great wide wheel kit to customise your bike that gets you so noticed without composing on your performance, ask Bill Warner who set a world land speed record of 278mph on his Hayabusa using a 240 section rear wheel & offset front sprocket. Now supplied with sliding chain adjusters. Get great deals on eBay! CAL- FAB race alloy swingarm decals / Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson S1 ELR RARE. Perhaps surprisingly, the Spondon is a little longer than the average Fireblade at 1410mm and the head angle is a very similar 24 degrees. and rare as oversize Dymag wheels. It’s interesting to note that, while Spondon have made beam style chassis in the past, their main focus today is on tube construction - for good reason.

Yes, it's easy if you spend a whole lot of money, then supposedly it bolts right up. We also produce fabrication to customer drawings as well as design to customer ideas. Shop with confidence. ohlins damper. All Metmachex swingarms are engineered to the highest standard. kit pipes. (Joris van de Wiele. stan stevens tuned yamaha ypvs 375 engine giving 70 bhp @ rear wheel. Needless to say, I bought the swingarm $300. There have been a multitude of frames made by specialist frame makers to suit old Yamaha roadracers over the years. Engineers and component manufacturers for modern road and race motorcycle chassis Suppliers of classic Harris road and racing chassis to accommodate Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki (XR69 type), Honda and Ducati Four Stroke engines, TZ250/350 Two Stroke engines, and the famous Harris Magnum range.

As soon as new owner Richard received the bike it was pretty clear it would benefit from a bit of work to tidy up the details and change the look a bit. Can anyone update me on what has happened with Spondon? From what I gather, one of the partners recently passed away, and the other has retired, and Norton now own the company? "I machined the sprocket carrier, narrowed it down, sunk the bearing in and moved the sprocket in to fit inside the Spondon swingarm. CHASSIS Spondon Monster frame, alloy fuel tank and rearsets, GSX-R1000 K1 yokes and front wheel, Öhlins R&T forks with K-Tech cartridge upgrade, PVM monoblock caliper, PFM RAL6 discs and radial mastercylinder, Spondon swingarm, Öhlins TTX shock from a Yamaha R1, GSX-R1000 K1 wheel and disc, Harrison billet rear caliper, Honda CR gs 750 e with a twist . Decided in the end to not go for a Mille swingarm. Swinging arm. spondon frame and swingarm. spondon swing arm. Norton's profilation of this bike: Outstanding features of Crighton´s latest racer are numerous computer-controlled functions and the retention of the 1994 twin-shock chassis layout, but with a single shock absorber on one side, taking advantage of the SPONDON swingarm´s extreme rigidity. the swingarm at the pivot needed to be trimmed down 5mm per side. "This frame was originally for a Sportster project that [my son] Cory [Ness] was working on that was just sitting around so I snatched it up. Property aside, there was no denying the quality of the produce that left the rickety buildings.

kit cylinders k800 new in 2007 but not used much. $10000 for a Spondon frame (inc alloy tank, ohlins rear suspension and swingarm) seems a bit over the top. Featured in Motor Cycle News 10 March 1994, it was a projected onward development of the Duckhams Nortons which stormed UK circuits in 1994, when Ian Simpson won the British Supercup Metmachex Engineering was registered in 1978, our trading name being derived from the words Metal Machining Experts. Been using this on my bike for 2 years already, so forgive me if its so dirty :-D Guy Martin’s turbo charged, Martek framed, GSX-R 1100 - prepared for 2014 Pike's Peak Hill Climb. Spondon's first premises were once seen, never forgotten. The right side consists of two aluminum While trawling through eBay he came across a big tube Spondon rolling chassis, and immediately made it his. rg500 forks with removable extended top caps. Description. The main source of income at first was sub-contract work, interspersed with design and machinery repairs. They also made the frame for one of the Scitsu triple cylinder TZs. Smoke 'Em if You've Got 'Em — 19th Annual Two-Stroke Extravaganza It's hard to believe that at one time, small displacement two-stroke street bikes were both huge sellers and the sportiest bikes you could buy.

and lose that 2 stones in weight! Wow! Im almost excited _____ If in doubt - flat out The swingarm is held on with threaded collars and it's fairly easy to machine larger holes in the collars v/s machining out the holes in the frame for a swingarm with a larger dia pivot. Published: 19 August 2001. By Howard Guest on Friday, 28 September 2012 at 16:30 ***(Borrowed from a other Bandit forum)*** Right guys, another write up to hopefully clear up a few things when it comes to fitting swingarms from other bikes to bandits. revalvled forks with ohlins progressive springs. And for modern sportbike bodywork, cut off the subframe and weld tabs for mounting something like an early CBR900RR subframe and tail. 99% of us here live in Australia so keep that in mind when considering pricing. Steering Damper. For enthusiasts looking to increase performance and handling, a reduction of 20 pounds of unsprung weight by replacing the swingarm The Dresda Tritons became very successful in international motorcycle racing too, winning the Barcelona 24-Hour endurance race twice, in 1965 and 1970. I'd like to give special thanks on this project to BJ MacDonald, who is responsible for this machine. JBR GALLERY Browse through our photo gallery to gain a better understanding of what is possible for your bike restoration project. new ap lockheed calipers.

One swingarm left. SWINGARMS BY METMACHEX. SpondonOwnersClub Forum. maintained regardless of cost by Dennis Swingarms for the Bandit 600/1200. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. -spondon front rotors -lockheed/ap front capliers -tz triple clamps and steering damper-mars bar paintjob ,complete set off decals including logo's as spare uk-spondon swingarm tz rear disc converted-rare giuliova seat-brembo rear caplier '91 Rainey Replica RZ500 Owner: Mike Cichetti, Huntingdon Valley, PA USA This bike is dedicated to all of us who think that valves are for toilets, and love the sight of blue smoke. i will probley gusset the frame yes, there are alot of points in the frame i would like to make stronger. The common assumption both within and outside the factory was that the frame lacked sufficient rigidity. That in fact is not the case. spondon swingarm that wouldnt look outa place on a bridge. A beautiful Spondon TL1000 Streetfighter with aluminum frame and swingarm The Moto Blog - Cafe Racers, Bobbers & Custom Motorcycles We are a Motorcycle Blog showcasing some of the best Cafe Racers, Bobber, Scrambler, Trackers and custom motorcycles from builder around the globe.

Most other manufacturers have the compromise of short swingarm to keep the wheelbase down and have the swingarm pivoting on the back of the engine like the SD, a design which saves weight and allows a longer swingarm. it is quick release so the rear caliper stays in place, takes 20 seconds to change the wheel. I know B12's and RF900's fit along with GSXR750 WP banana swingers-among others. . It has been converted by spondon themselves to fit a 31k lump. Spondon frame, sub frame, tank, swingarm, battery case and foot pegs Custom machined fork clamps Beringer aeronal front discs with titanium probolt bolts set, galfer wavy disc with titanium probolt bolts set ISR machined six pot front calipers with titanium probolt set, gsxr K4 rear caliper, goodridge stainless braided lines Bespoke Motorcycle Frame Experts. Now the VFR 800 pivots on the back of the engine like the SD, problem is, it's too wide and 55mm too short, I know, I've already checked Back to the drawing board I did think about the numptystrada, but would need to look at one to be sure. 650 – 1200 (K6) Oil Cooled. I think that's the trouble, it's like having a bonnet and two doors from a Bugatti where six were built. i’m looking for something that will take a 150-180 tire. 3K Instagram photos & videos tagged with #spondon on INK361.

There has been a fair bit of talk both here and other forums about aftermarket frames, triple clamps and swingarms. $1800 for a JMC Spondon Sporty Dirt Tracker General Streetfighter Discussion. While you have the motor out of the frame gusset every triangle in the rear area around the swingarm. Learn More cb1000r single side swingarm Modifications & Upgrades 04-05 Outstanding features of Crighton's latest racer are numerous computer-controlled functions and the retention of the 1994 twin-shock chassis layout, but with a single shock absorber on one side, taking advantage of the SPONDON swingarm's extreme rigidity. Any swingarms currently not in stock can be ordered and delivery will take approximately 6 weeks from receipt of the order. so the long running spondon swingarm saga is over and I WIN. AP Racing 6 Pot Brakes with PFM Single Circlip Rotors. Custom Fighters - Custom Streetfighter Motorcycle Forum > Streetfighter Motorcycle Discussion > General Streetfighter Discussion swingarm extensions can really get your horsepower to the ground. AP Racing Clutch And Brake Master cylinders. Ideally if i can get it braced and powder coated and a 636/zx10r re shock to got with it then its a big chunk done. 5/7 afr at wot, Ive to increase a tad the fuel pressure and test.

Navigate your 1979 Honda CBX1000 schematics below to shop OEM parts by detailed schematic diagrams offered for every assembly on your machine. The Z1 was originally going to be a 750, but when Kawasaki got wind of the CB750 in the late 60s, they decided to up the ante by increasing capacity to 903cc. totally rebuilt this year. 1982 Yamaha TZ500 G spondon this superb machine just checked over with some new parts after its outing at Varano di Melegari, in Italy, as you can see this is a very nice machine it sounds fantatstic , very crisp, the engine built and bike prepared by Les Cross, for me one of the best. Using the RSV4 chassis a base model, Spondon has made another distinct piece of work, with its name etched into the swingarm, in case anyone had any thoughts otherwise as to whom was responsible. don't be fooled by into buying cheap knock-offs Eddie lawson tribute racer,engine has extensive headwork,flowbench,wiseco 1133kit,dynas ignition,33 mikuni smoothbores,custom thinwall exhaust by hindle,dymagfrontwheel,campag back wheel,spondon rotors,lockheed caliprs,brembo rear caliper,works performance rearshocks,custom alum cathchtank,earlscooler,cabfab swingarm,frame braced in usual spots SV650 Streetfighter with Buell headlights, single-sided swingarm, underseat exhaust, USD forks. On the twisty Barber track he certainly had something of an advantage in the turns (he came in 2nd in Saturday's race for a 1-2 Canadian finish with Brian Henderson taking 1st place on Rusty Bigley's Spondon TZ750). Overcoming Dyna Instability . has been an active classic racing bike in france for the last three years and has a recently rebuilt crankshaft and top end with only 200 klms/120 mls use since it's rebuild. Preppr helps Businesses on Instagram to Schedule and Auto-post. race bodywork.

Specification. Founders Bob Stevenson (ex Rolls Royce) and Stuart Tiller used a variety of Yamaha two-stroke engines for their racing machines in capacities from 125cc to 750cc, and also the Rotax 250. Rear Wheel . As you will see from the picture links below, it's a typical Spondon arm with eccentric adjusters and unusually has cylindrical mounts for the lower suspension unit bushes. Arlen used a Spondon Engineering frame and swingarm, which he'd never used before. Spondon Modified Swingarm, 25mm extension, comes with quick release axle, caliper bracket, Swingarm axle, Linkages. spondon swingarm. No aftermarket aluminum chassis are allowed. I looked Yo, Standard width of ET swingarm at pivot point measures around 225mm w/o dust covers etc from memory. I had it in my gsxr 1100 slingshot, r1 swingarm modified by spondon engineering with the addition of spondon slots and bracing / plating to inside of arm. "Non penso che la moto sia solo un pezzo di ferro - anzi penso che abbia un’anima perché una cosa così bella non può non avere un’anima.

JMC are good but slow. The smaller slick is 165/630/17 and the bigger one is 190/60/17 The swingarm weights a tad less than 8lbs. com Get the YZR500 GP look with this trick banana swingarm made by Spondon, originally fitted to their RD/RZV500 full aluminium chassis - however it would look great on any RD350 or YZR500 special! This is a much wider swingarm than standard, measuring 10" at the inside face of rear wheel spindle. came in 1989, with a beefed up Spondon swingarm, new EG engine, aluminium crafted bodywork, Marvic. These were generally made to offer either: An improvement in handling over the stock items. With polished aluminium tank or original tank,seat,sidecovers and ducktail. Extensions come complete with all hardware and with the proper brake supports, where applicable 77-005: 2008 Hayabusa Bolt on Swingarm Extensions feature the new (optional) innovative spool mounts (allows easy use of rear-stands, spools sold separately). harris rear brake. So swingarm is really last if you want to go there . ALL THINGS CHROME 43,329 views We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. Spondon swing arm wanted Wanted.

Guy Martin had to keep it at part throttle all the way up, but still managed to set a record time! A heavily modified and extremely distinctive Suzuki Hayabusa turbo, registration number YNG 341, has been stolen overnight in the early hours of Monday 7 November from Benfleet, Essex. what kind of swingarm is this? Does it have the same dimensions as the stocker? If so, the stock front mount will return you to correct height. Yokes. The Spondon was originally designed for an engine making around 100 hp, but Bigley’s makes 140. Guy Martin's 320 hp Martek GSXR turbo. 34mm carbs pvl ignition I just got my new swingarm and I was wondering if somebody knows what size spacer is needed for the caliper side? It looks like it could be the size of the oem caliper hanger, but I havent had time to measure it. s. while the jig was made-up. I would turn it around if you have to use it again. C&S Custom announced today that they are providing high-performance, lightweight and aerospace-quality swingarms for late-model Harley-Davidson® Dyna® motorcycles. keep up the good work.

definately no welding. 7 position curve map. Spondon swingarm & torque arm, Őhlins TTX shock (originally R1) revalved & resprung to suit, GSX-R 1000 wheel, PFM discs, Harrison Mini Billet caliper with Honda motocross master cylinder, extra heavy duty DID chain with Talon rear sprocket. Well, what I would need to run the wider tire was a brand new Calfab swingarm that Cycle Salvage had in stock. Round the back of an old bookmakers shop a series of leaky and decrepit Nissen huts housed not poultry and pigeons, as you'd first suspect, but the Spondon business for the best part of 20 years. Titanium straight through race downpipes, Yoshimura race silencer, Vance & Hines ignition advancer, stage 3 dyno jet system with K&N filter, Dyna coils & Taylor leads, performance springs, Rear suspension risers, polished swingarm, engine cases and rims, Renthals, beaided hoses, Viper seat, Renthal front and rear sprockets, D&D gold chain and a . Carbs are FCR39 Flatslides. 240 section wide wheel kit. andit all adds up. Aftermarket TZ,TD,TR and TA frames. kit ignition.

spondon swingarm bearings,sleeves,spacers and all sorts made up and fitted new axle honda wheel ,now running 4 bearings new disc carrier new caliper carrier kawasaki front brake line kawa disc kawa caliper carbon chainguard Ti bolts holding as many things as i could find Get the YZR500 GP look with this trick banana swingarm made by Spondon, originally fitted to their RD/RZV500 full aluminium chassis - however it would look great on any RD350 or YZR500 special! This is a much wider swingarm than standard, measuring 10" at the inside face of rear wheel spindle. 00 back then, what was I thinking, that was big money back then. $225. “If you’ve never ridden a racing bike – and never Spondon Engineering in England had just the thing to make the Suzuki stop the casual observer—a bolt-on aluminum swingarm in traditional Spondon fashion. in very good overall condition with a recently rebuilt motor. it doesn't look like they use the "bridge" rear engine mount off the swingarm axle I want to change to a swingarm that will allow a wider rim to be fitted. spondon swingarm

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